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Download Warscore

How to download and run Warscore.

First, you will need to install Java.


First, download Java from Java.com.
After that, install it.


Warscore is known to work reliably on the legacy version of Java provided by Apple, which can be downloaded here. Currently, this is still the recommended way to run Warscore on the mac, as it has proven to be the most reliable.

Warscore seems to work with newer versions of Java (available from Java.com), however, this has not yet been well tested, and there are many known issues with the new, Oracle provided, Java for the mac. Previous Oracle versions were outright broken, so the situation is improving. I have started to experiment with this version of Java and Warscore.


You can install Java 6, 7 or 8from your package manager. Most package managers give you easy access to OpenJDK. Warscore has not been tested with OpenJDK, but it should work. If you experience issues, switch to the Oracle JDK.

There are reports that certain featuers, e.g. copy & paste do not work under certain versions of Linux. This is an interaction between the operating system and the Java platform, so is unfortuntely out of my control.

Next, download Warscore

Next, download the Warscore jar file, and save it somewhere that you can find it later. An easy place to keep it is on your desktop.

Check out this page if you're interested in seeing a list of changes in the latest version

Finally, run Warscore

To run Warscore, just double click on the Warscore jar file, and it should start. A getting started tutorial is available in the help section. There are also some starter template files in the templates section, which may help you get up and running faster.

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